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About Us ImageAlBevCon LLC: (Al)cohol (Bev)erage (Con)sulting began in 1999 as a microbiological service provider to clients with businesses in the fermentation industry. The services provided included yeast storage management, yeast propagation to pitchable volumes and bacteriological assays both on-site and in lab. As these industries grew, services were expanded to include formulation assistance, production training and on-site production services. Presently AlBevCon serves clients in the alcohol beverage industry by adding value to their efforts through consulting activities. AlBevCon serves clients worldwide who have or desire to establish, own and operate breweries, brewpubs or/and distilleries. For a list of services, please select the link "Services". One major practice that differentiates AlBevCon LLC from others within the industry is that we only represent clients. We do not accept any payments or commissions of any type from contracted service providers or equipment manufacturers that our clients elect to use. We feel that to do otherwise is a conflict of interest and is unethical. We solicit on behalf of our clients on an anonymous and pre-approved basis with all correspondence shared between us and providers in real time. This practice protects the client from alerting a potentially emergent competitor of learning of their project in development. Execution in this manner also simplifies the interaction of vendors with clients and saves time by isolating negotiations and sourcing decisions only to providers that have the ability to meet or exceed client needs.