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How much do your services cost?

We usually take an "ala carte" approach when discussing the investment required to add value to our client's specific efforts. Through conference calls, e-mails or/and in person visits we help our clients identify their needs and then produce a phased proposal of services to address those needs. We have found that every organizations needs are different and therefore rarely benefit from a generic approach.

Upon request, we can provide hourly priced services if the needs only require a short duration of our involvement. Examples of this might be but not limited to: site inspections, meetings with officials such as water board personnel, fire marshals, code officials, contractors and infrastructure suppliers. Any travel and lodging expenses are billed at actual cost.

Do you sell brewery and distillery equipment?

AlBevCon does not sell facility equipment. We specify to vendors that either the client has selected or/and we recommend so that we can obtain pricing for equipment that will be purpose built to meet client needs.

Often times, attempting to source equipment without the specific knowledge of the processes that will be undertaken leads to obtaining equipment that is difficult to operate, may cause throughput issues, can create sanitization difficulties or may be manufactured in a substandard way.

AlBevCon is in the business of representing clients, not equipment vendors. We never accept "spiffs", commissions or any sort of payment from vendors nor add costs of any type to equipment bids.

Can you help teach us the science and art of producing fine spirits and beer?

Yes, AlBevCon can provide on-site and remote training as well as on-going support. Contact us regarding your needs and we can propose a custom tailored solution.

Can AlBevCon provide instructors/speakers for industry associations and educational institutions or/and judges for competitions?

Yes, AlBevCon and it's associates perform this range of services quite frequently. Past organizations served include: Southern Indiana State University, Lawrence University, The Brewer's Association, The Japanese Craft Brewer's Association and The American Distilling Institute. Additionally, our staff has served as judges for The World Beer Cup, The Great American Beer Festival, The ADI Annual Distilled Spirits Competition as well as others. We maintain staff that have been certified as qualified judges as required by the BJCP.

Can AlBevCon provide sensory analysis ("nosing services") or and blending assistance?

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Yes, AlBevCon can provide these services either directly or through our industry partners.

Does AlBevCon help home distillers?

No, AlBevCon cannot help home based distillers in the US or any other countries where home distillation is illegal. This is due to professional ethics and out of respect for those who are planning to establish a legal business in spirits production or are already in legal operation.

If there appears to be any question about a potential client contact about their actual status, we may request a copy of the organization's DSP, other licensing certificate(s) or request that other means of proof of professional and legal intent to ensure that we are not fostering an illegal practice or industry.

Can AlBevCon recommend places to obtain education in the art and science of spirit and beer production?

Yes, AlBevCon's link page contains links to educational organizations in multiple countries from which our staff has either graduated from or are familiar with and recommend. In addition, we often link to selected short courses that we feel may be of interest to our clients, so check frequently as these often change.